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Earthwork Rudy lemcke

1.1 1978

still image from Rudy Lemcke's Caress

Caress (after Roland Barthes) 2001

Road to the Spiral Jetty

Road to the Spiral Jetty 2002

Still image from Uninvited

The Uninvited 2003

Ocean still from The Origin of Light

#3 Origin of Light 2003

Notebook from Origin of Light

#9 Origin of Light 2003

Waterlilies by Rudy Lemcke

Waterlilies from Light F/X 2003

video still from Lightning Field

Lightning Field from Light F/X 2003

World Trade Center explosion

Reenactment 2004

animation of Bill T. Jones

7,200 Drawings of Bill T. Jones 2004


Immemorial 2005

image from Rudy Lemcke's AIDS exhibition

Where the Buffalo Roam 2007

City of the Future by Rudy Lemcke

City of the Future 2007


Wittgenstein and the Problem of Other Minds 2007

Gay Pool Party

Gay Pool Party 2009

Final Sequence

Final Sequence 2009


Un Coup de Dés 2015


Fey Ontology 2016