2001 Final Sequence

The Search for Life in Distant Galaxies is a hybrid narrative that has been written and designed for the Internet. It is a story of dislocation and the struggle for reintegration.

The narrative can be accessed by:

1) By viewing a chronological series of events that take place on this transformative day in the life of the main character. (Follow the hyperlinks in the menu).

2) By exploring the contents of the 1968 box that contains maps, image galleries and videos. (Follow the hyperlinks in Ed Marker’s 1968 box).

The story is dedicated to Rachel Marker.

© 2010 Rudy Lemcke

The Search for Life in Distant Galaxies was originally presented on BLOGSPOT in 2010 and can still be accesses here. http://metarudy.blogspot.com/ It has been reformatted for WordPress on this site in 2021.