Project Description

Who Killed Robert Mapplethorpe?

“Who Killed Robert Mapplethorpe?”  was created for the INSIDE OUT exhibition at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1990. One of the first shows about AIDS in the United States. The piece is a twelve-part painting/installation about problem (and possibly) the impossibility of communicating subjective experience. What is lost in translation between feeling and form? At what point did we become more interested in what Mapplethorpe represented as a perpetuator of the myth of the New York avant-guard and a cause celebre for the re-evaluation of the NEA than we did in who he was as an artist and as a person with AIDS? By reinterpreting now-familiar images created by Robert Mapplethorpe along with those of Andy Warhol and Man Ray, I have inserted into the exhibition with my artwork the questions, At what point does the original gesture of grief and rage become lost and become an object of historical inquiry and cultural speculation? At what point does an image of high art become an image of popular culture, vernacular, low art and a type of gay folk art?

Each of the panels is 36″ square. Overall dimensions, 12′ x 9″.