Remembering the 6th International Conference on AIDS

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Remembering the 6th International Conference on AIDS: A Photographic Installation.
Eye Gallery, San Francisco
June 15, 1991

(from Press release)

The Eye Gallery will present “Remembering the 6th International Conference on AIDS”: an installation of photographs and text which document the “actions” and “issues” surrounding the ICA6.

The exhibition consists of a series of photographs that document the events that occurred outside of the conference halls. The work includes photographs of the INS protest, the opening day demonstration, the Women’s action, the S.F. Model protest, the Nordstrom Zap, and the Unity March. With the assistance of DAIR (Documentation of AIDS Issues and Research) Foundation, Lemcke will include press materials and background information for each day’s “actions” as well as an overview of the entire conference.

The installation creates a visual archive of one of the most significant moments in San Francisco’s on going crisis of AIDS.